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Glass Cut off wheel diamond

Welcome to The World of Diamond Tools

          Diamond is one of the hardest materials available on earth, Much harder than corundum & silicon carbide. High strength, good wear resistance and low friction coefficient makes diamond the best abrasive over many.

 Why should you choose Diamond Tools?

          Diamond is widely used in cutting, Grinding & Drilling Tools with the following advantages.

1. High efficiency, Low grinding force
          Less heat will be generated by the hole in grinding process. This significantly lowers burns or any cracks on surface of the work & decreases wear and tear.
2. High Wear resistance – Impeccable precision

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            Being one of the hardest material, the change in dimension is very small while cutting or grinding. This leads to high quality & precision. Very low to almost no chipping can be achieved on various materials

3. Greater Tool Life, Long Dressing Period

          Greatly increases work efficiency & improve worker’s labor environment decreasing product labor intensity

4. Low Comprehensive Cost

          The processing cost of total work is comparatively lower due long tool life. The most importantly without trading for quality of work

Types of Diamond Tools

          Diamond tools are indispensable in various industries, harnessing the hardness and durability of diamonds to cut, grind, and shape materials with precision. From construction to gem cutting, these tools play a crucial role in achieving impeccable results.

1. Diamond Core Drill Bits

          Widely used for drilling holes on hard materials like glass, granite, marble,stones, concrete etc. There are mainly two types of drill bits, Electroplated diamond drill bits and Metal Bond diamond drill bits.

          If you are drilling ultra hard materials like marble, granite, stones it is generally recommended that you use sintered (metal bond) diamond drill bit. However if you are drilling softer materials like glass, tiles, composites etc electroplated (nickel plated) diamond drill bit is recommended

i. Electroplated Drill Bits
Diamond Glass Drll Bit

          Electroplated Diamond Core Drill Bits are widely  used for making holes on  glass, marble, granite etc. Diamond is embedded into drill bit using nickel plating.
          High quality diamond glass drill bits usually gives 200 too 300 holes on 12mm glass. Quality of the diamond bit depends on quality of the process, solution andthe material used.

         Significantly cheaper diamond glass drill bits are also available in the market, however their quality and reliability is very low.

For safer and reliable and precise electroplated drill bits click on this link

ii. Metal Bond Drill Bits

Metal bonded diamond core drills have diamonds sintered and multiple layers of diamonds impregnated inside the metal matrix. Diamonds are furnaces sintered in a matrix made of iron, cobalt, nickel, bronze, copper, tungsten, alloys of these powders or other metals in various combinations.

Widely used in making holes on Marble, Granite, Ceramics, Sandstones, Stones and Concrete.

For more information on Metal Bond Drill Bits please click on this link


2. Diamond Grinding Wheels

          Also called as “Super Abrasive Wheels” to distinguish from conventional silicon Carbide wheels. Diamond’s thermal conductivity is 2000 w/m.k compared to silicon carbide’s 33 W/m.k and Hardness is 90 GPa compared to 27 GPa of Silicon carbide.

         They are widely used in grinding and beveling of glass, marble, granite, and stones.

Excel Bevelling Blade  used for grinding and beveling of glass replaces atleast 10 conventional grinding wheels with better efficiency

Excel Diamond Plate is used of grinding of glass pillars and other bulky articles

Excel OGL Wheels Provides a unique solution to grinding inner round edges of the glass. A pair of OGL wheels of 80/100 US mesh and 140/170 US mesh provide semi polished finish on glass

 Bevelling Blade Diamond Bevelling Plate OGL Tool OGL Tool



3. Diamond Cutting Wheels

Cut Off Wheel

         Diamond cutting wheels are used in cutting glass, marble, granite, etc. If you require a 90 degree cut, cutting wheels is the universal option. They are also available in electroplated as well as metal sintered form, segmented and continuous rim. Depending on your usage you can select diamond wheels

        However Excel Diamond Cut off wheels are widely used for cutting glass, marble, etc. is recommended and the safest option. They are highly reliable and safe. They are available in various sizes from 3” to 14” in diameter.


4. Special Diamond Coated Tools

There is also a plethora of customized tools available in diamond coated tools. Each designed for specific purpose. However if you have any special requirement of a diamond tool, you can make a query here or click here for mail


Conclusion - Diamond tools are often considered superior to conventional tools in various applications due to their exceptional hardness, durability, and versatility. Despite their numerous advantages, it's important to note that diamond tools can be more expensive upfront than conventional tools. However, their longer lifespan and superior performance in certain applications often justify the initial investment.


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