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Handy Glass Breaker

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  • This Handy Glass Breaker is used for breaking less wide thicker glass, which are almost impossible to break with out chipping.
  • With this product you can break long, yet short width thicker glass -say 12 mm thick and 2" wide with 6 feet length!
  • This breaker breaks the scored glass without chipping.
  • After scoring by glass cutter align the breaker to the center of the score followed by a gentle press.
  • Technical Specifications :- 70 mm length x 48 mm width x 100 mm height.
This Handy Glass Breaker is for breaking especially less wide yet thicker glass.It is almost impossible to break less width thick glass.This Handy Glass Breaker enables you to break long yet short width thicker glass say 12 mm thick and 4 inch width 6 feet long. A clean cut is achievable throughout the length of glass without chipping. you can score and cut 12 mm thick glass wider than 4-6 inch.But this is very difficult to cut less than 4 inch width a 12 mm thick glass.A strip of as little width as 2 inch on a 12 mm thick glass strip as long as 6 feet out of 4 inch width glass strip. Just score and place the tool center of the glass and give a gentle press.The strip will break apart giving you two clear cut strips.Make your scrap glass usable, scalable and add value to them.

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