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Borit Turbo Diamond Blade for moulding and cutting marble an

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  • Turbo Diamond Blade can be used generally for a fast, smooth, quick moulding and cutting of concrete, brick wall, pavers, field stone and masonry material.
  • A heat treated steel core with cooling holes provides extreme blade strength for a deep cut and fast cooling. Can be used as wet or dry on an angle grinder.
  • Turbo Diamond Blade has wide turbo teeth for fast smooth cutting and molding with less chipping at a low initial cost on a wide variety of materials
  • It is highly efficient for cutting materials like granite, marble, ceramic, porcelain tile and other natural stone materials. Wear safety goggles and gloves while using this blade.
  • Technical specification : Diameter :4"; Bore: 16mm

Turbo Diamond Blade is designed with a special staggered zipper pattern and narrow turbo teeth, which gives apt shapes to the edges and smooth cutting to the materials. The alternating zipper pattern ensures the cleanest cuts and mouldings even on the hardest porcelain material. Turbo Diamond Blade is intended for all material which includes marble, slate tile, fiber glass, brick wall, ceramic tile, granite tile, cement sheet, terra cotta tiles, vitrified tile and other natural stone materials. Turbo Diamond Blade is ideal for all universal angle grinders and used as wet, during the process for an optimum performance. This premium quality Turbo Diamond Blade is designed for clean accurate curved cutting in granite, marble and all other materials.

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