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Excel Cut Off Wheel 12 inch-1mm

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Excel Diamond Coated Glass Cut Off Wheel isspecially designed to cut straight and geometric cut on thick glass, glass pillar, fiber glass, FRP, FTP and composites.

An ideal tool for cutting hard and brittle materials with thin kerf and smooth edge.

Versatile usage ; Thick glass cutting, boro-silicate test tube glass, glass bottle, carbon slicing, wafer slicing, aloxide slicing, tungsten carbide, hard stones, semi-precious stones composites and all other hard and brittle material.

Premium Diamond grit electro-bonded on suitable spring steel alloy with unique and proprietery diamond coating process. Use water as lubricant and coolant for better result.

Technical Specifications :- 12"- Diameter , Thickness 1 mm, Bore 26 mm, Grit 80/100 U S Mesh, Construction material: Spring Steel, RPM : 12000, Weight:964 gm A product of Excel Impex. Made in India.

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