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Glass Grinding Wheel(3 Nos) For Bevelling, Grinding&Moulding

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Glass Grinding wheels are used for bevelling, grinding, and moulding ( in the case of glass furniture blocks ) is easier now with Glass Grinding wheels. Unique abrasive grain and suitable resin are used exclusively for glass. 9 mm thickness for longer life. Suitable net backing provision for safety. This silicon and aloxide grinding wheel is designed for grinding and bevelling glass with aggressive grains. Consistent grain strength reduces the glass damage. Most economic method of grinding glass as compared to all other modes in glass bevelling and moulding. Proprietery technology is used for decades. 4" dia, 9 mm thickness, 16 mm bore, Weight 135 gram.

Glass Grinding Wheel is designed for glass bevlling, grinding, and moulding.

Unique proprietery process used for glass grinding.

The cheapest mode of grinding glass. Consistent abrasive strength reduces glass damage. 9 mm thickness of material is enough for long time and continuous work.

Can be fitted on all universal angle grinders. Quality resin and fiber net is used for maximum safety.

1 Packet contains 3 pieces. Technical Detail :- 4" Diameter, 9 mm thickness, 16 mm bore, weight 135 gram. Made in India.

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