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Metal Grinding Wheel Pack For Grinding and Engineering Works

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Depressed centre silicon carbide grinding wheel for metal is widely used in places where stock metal has to be removed without harming finishing of the product. These grinding wheels are perfect for Grinding almost all types of Metal. This 9mm thick grinding wheel lasts twice as much as 9mm wheels available in the market. This resinoid depressed centre grinding wheels are manufactured in a tightly controlled process for spinning at high rpm of 14200 and to withstand high working pressure. fits an all angle grinders in market. Dimensions: 4" 9 mm. Set of 5 pieces.

Depressed centres Silicon Carbide Abrasive grinding wheel perfect for working on any metal.

Great wheel for all types of engineering grinding works

Lasts twice as much as ordinary grinding wheels available in the market.

Stable at high RPM withstanding high pressure.

Fits well on all universal angle grinders. Dimensions: 4" 9 mm. Set of 5 pieces  

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