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Borit High Speed Steel Cutter - Pack of 5 Dia 4 Inch

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  • Made of High quality silicon carbide providing aggressive abrasive action.
  • Suitable to cut various metals including HSS, Cast iron, MS, High carbon steel etc.
  • Widely used in construction industry to cut TMT steel bar and plates.
  • Wear safety goggles and gloves
  • Technical specification : Diameter : 4 ", Max speed : 12000 rpm , Bore : 16 mm
Borit high speed steel cutter is the best way to cut metals . It is widely used for parting of various metals including High speed steel, High carbon steel ,Mild steel, cast iron etc. Borit high speed steel cutter blades are made of high quality silicon carbide and has aggressive abrasive action. Always cautious while usage and wear goggles and safety goggles if necessary.

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