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Excel Metal Bond Core Drill Bit 100 mm Dia

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  • Core Bit with Metal Bonding Technology is for long life and performance.
  • Drill marble,granite,concrete,ceramics,porcelain,Quartz,FRP,FTP,slate and number of hard and brittle materials.
  • Agressive diamond and metal matrix produce high productivity and endurance.Low wear rate.Fits on all universal hand drills.
  • Technical details- Diameter 100 mm , Length - 80 mm
If your need is to drill maximum holes on hard material, Core Bit with Metal Bond Technology is yours ultimate choice. Industrial diamond grit is embedded into the tip of the bit by sintering. As the tip wears down,new diamonds come to the surface. Metal Bond Diamond Core Bits are built for endurance and performance. Metal Bonding process produces an extremely strong product that held its shape well during use.Drill marble, granite, concrete, ceramics, porcelain, Quartz, FRP, FTP, slate and number of hard and brittle material. Sintered diamond drill bits are heavy duty bit desired for long life. However, life of the Bit depends on the hardness and thickness of the material being drilled. The diamond of the drill bit may wear off after a prolonged life due to friction caused by the extreme hardness and abrasiveness of the materials being drilled. Apply proper drill pressure to keep from overheating the drill bit while drilling. Excessive pressure heats up the bit and causes fracturing. Use water as coolant and lubricant. Fits on all hand held drills.

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