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Excel Impex Metal UV Lamp Unit 12-inches

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  • UV lamps are for curing UV adhesive. High UV light intensity over a small area enables UV light source to bond variety of materials like glass and metals. Curing process takes only few seconds
  • Compact and hand held UV lamp unit design for curing UV adhesive
  • Ensure constant UV output for more than 1000 operating hours
  • Adequate ultra violet intensity
  • Simulate to natural light spectrum
UV Lamp, that works by creating a photochemical reaction to instantly cure UV adhesives. The UV Lamp is truly pro-quality, and is equipped with UV light tube, that can quickly cure UV glue, which applied on glass. UV Lamp produces intense UV lighting with a reflective lining inside. It comes with a single tube to provide 8 watts of UV light for effective curing, while the reflective lining on the inside allows for an even and uniform curing process. The small and cool design lamp is suitable for professional uses. Apply glue according to its usage instructions on the glass surface. Then place it under the light until curing is complete. It is very easy to operate and one-key to turn on and off with wide voltage 220/230V and also convenient for usage.

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