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UV Tube/Lamp Spare 12

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  • Suitable for curing of UV based adhesives used to make glass to glass and glass to metal bonding.
  • extreme bond strength and optical clarity. Cures within seconds.
  • Long lasting and fits on standard handy device available in the market.
  • Size: 30 * 12 cm, operating life : approximately 1000 hours, power: 8 watt, handling: fragile handling with extreme care.
Ultra violet rays are essential for curing ultra violet based glues mainly used in glass industries. This 12" UV tube is suitable for curing of UV adhesive. Bond between glass to glass and glass to metal is achieved by using a UV beam source. Extreme bond strength and optical clarity will get within seconds. UV tube is a spare piece that fits on any UV lamp unit. UV lamp is also used for many house hold uses like, Detecting scorpions. Identifying counterfeit currency. Finding pet urine stain. Drying of UV based nail Gel. Finding dye stuffs. Water purification. Removal of microbes from bed and carpets.

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